ELPIS, the label - Close and Personal

Dallas and Molly

ELPIS, the label began in late September 2023 when twin sisters Molly and Dallas had the idea of starting their own fashion label. Their close relationship and admiration for all things beautiful always sparked continuous conversation throughout the day, and it just made sense to have a project they could create together. Both sisters share an enthusiasm for fashion that is artful, comfortable and evokes connection. The brand was destined to embody all of these design elements.


ELPIS was chosen in recognition of the Greek Goddess of Hope, who symbolizes an optimistic belief in a better future and positive outcome. Even when chaos and disorder were all around, she clung to this belief. Inspired by their own journeys in the pursuit of hope during trying times, their mission is to ignite others to cultivate this same steadfast hope, sparking joy and embracing the authentic self. ELPIS, the label, represents their vision transmuted into feel-good, high-style streetwear.


More about Molly

Molly is a practicing attorney in wills and estate planning. Her work as a lawyer has illuminated the need for resilience in the face of adversity and hardship, which has steered her towards ELPIS. Her faith is a driving force and foundation for a hope she can’t imagine life without. It’s a hope she expresses through ELPIS. She lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida with her husband and French Shepard. When she’s not lawyering, she is likely getting lost in the kitchen, gardening, and creating “just one more“ ELPIS” tee design.

More about Dallas

Dallas is a practicing clinical psychologist, with a holistic focus. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her fiancé and her mischievous dachshund. Private practice work is her daily joy. She looks at ELPIS as an extension of the greater goal in pursuit of her life’s work - cultivating hope and helping others’ become their happiest, most authentic selves. Expect to find hidden meanings, words of wisdom, and truths woven into the narrative of each tee. For her, ELPIS is the conduit for imparting lessons on resilience and beautiful joyful living.

For creators, Molly and Dallas, ultimately, ELPIS, the label is an expression of love.

Dallas’ Tee Pick of the Moment


Why Dallas loves this shirt:

"​​Introducing my beloved Double Bow Tee! This unique and girly design symbolizes the beauty of sharing our gifts with others—a double gift in itself. It serves as a reminder that gratitude attracts abundant blessings. Created on our cozy Weekender, I feel both stylish and comfortable in one adorable package."

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Molly's Tee Pick of the Moment


Why Molly loves this shirt:

"The Going Bananas Tee is a personal favorite! The bananas depict the chaos of life that surrounds us all from time to time; but take note of the little heart that is hanging on. That’s because the most incredible love is holding onto each of us no matter our circumstances. It’s a love that is working all things together for good, full of grace and strength. I love this tee because I’m reminded of this life-changing truth in the most fashionable of ways!"

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