"Head In the Clouds" Tee - A Granular Perspective

"Head In the Clouds" Tee - A Granular Perspective

Dallas Carey Wearing the In The Clouds Tee

The phrase "head in the clouds" typically means that someone is daydreaming or not paying attention to reality. It suggests that the person is not grounded or focused on practical matters. Let me present another version, the one I’ve leaned into since I was probably in my mid 20’s. The one that is captured in my morning daily prayer and meditation - "May I fully embody with every ounce of my being that of which I hope for. May I rise above any adverse circumstance that would pull me down, make me lackluster, and undermine my passion and my power." What a prayer to pray. Have you ever prayed your own version? If so, I bet you just got chills all over.

Certainly, having your head in the clouds can also signify a sense of aspiration and vision, where you are aiming for heights beyond current circumstances, pushing boundaries, and envisioning possibilities beyond the ordinary. It can represent a mindset of reaching for your dreams and embracing a future full of hope and potential.

Honestly, it was having "my head in the clouds" (my definition) that has propelled me into some of the best times of my life, and out of some of the "circumstantially" darkest times of my life. I'm wearing the Head in the Clouds Tee here. 

With love,

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